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Sahita Technologies is at the forefront of semiconductor innovation, specializing in services that encompass advanced manufacturing, quality, and people development.We are dedicated to shaping the future of the industry through unique workforce development initiatives to spark interest and build talent.


Building visible, scalable, industry-ready solutions in
Advanced Manufacturing and Workforce Development

Advanced Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing to build operational efficiency and integrated quality

Workforce Development

Integrated solutions addressing industry, academia, and government needs.
Upskilled talent though courses delivered by industry experts.

Digital Media

Digital strategy to enhance visibility of industry needs, opportunities and showcasing current and future technology.

Our Story

Why are we passionate about next generation technology and talent?

Advanced Manufacturing & Quality

Dr. Sirisha Kuchimanchi is a Semiconductor leader with ~20 years experience in Engineering, Manufacturing, Development and Quality at Texas Instruments, a Fortune 200 company. She proactively engaged with internal and external global customers (including automotive customers) from engineer to the SVP level, positively impacting customer perception. Sirisha is an IEEE senior member, sits on the SRC workforce advisory board and earned her Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University.

Workforce Development

We actively engage in discussions with CHIPS R&D office, esteemed universities, and community colleges, as well as Economic Development Corporations and Workforce Commissions across key states including Texas, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. These collaborations are essential in driving innovation and ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry.


We have expertise at the intersection of media and technology.
Dr. Sirisha hosted and produced a top 30% Spotify podcast heard in 50 countries across 6 continents. Sirisha is an elected Board of Governor of The Podcast Academy which supports podcast makers and globally advances the cultural merit of the medium.

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